Friday, 18 August 2017

☆.Cook With Flo Recipe - Can't Believe It's Not Pizza, Cauliflower Pizza!.☆

Yoo guys you need to try this recipe out! Whether it's fit fam or you just like to experiment this recipe is for you!

Find the Video method below:

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Wings glorious wings! You know when you just want to be naughty and snack on some juicy chicken wings, or maybe you're having some friends round and you want some quick nibbles for everyone, well this recipe is the perfect answer!

Peep the recipe below!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

☆.NEW YOUTUBE - What are you rocking this summer?! .☆

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Friday, 14 April 2017


Dessert time! You know them times, random early evening when you're not really hungry but you suddenly have a craving for something sweet...but not too sweet. Yeah this was one of those evenings!

The perfect fix to this was homemade apple crumble where the crumble is slightly savoury but the filling just ties it all together with the sweetness, some may call this 'heaven'. 

Well it was all done under 30 minutes (including baking time) so hey defo a quick recipe! Peep the full details below.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

☆.New Video Alert! - Dapo Tuburna - Nothing.☆

If you listen to my morning show on Soundcity 98.5FM you'll know how obsessed I am with this young man Dapo Tuburna, his debut single 'Nothing' is so inspiring cause it literally is just the TRUTH! Since I first heard it i was always banging it so you can imagine my excitement when I found out the video was out.

He is a true testament of 'When it's your time it's your time' cause not too long after the release of his single he got signed to Tinny Entertainment and is now label mates with Ycee, congrats to him!

☆.YOUR JAMAICAN FIX -Mango Room Restaurant Review .☆

Oooh baby when I heard there was a Jamaican spot in Lekki I had to try it, everyone was hyped about it and constantly going on so I had to see for myself.

It was quite hard to find but got there in the end! Here's my Mango Room experience.

Shop 9 Aaron's Lekki Mall,
Olubunmi Owa Street
Lekki 1, Lagos
(Ebeano Supermarket road by Lekki British School)


Monday, 6 February 2017

☆.New YouTube : HOW TO SPOT A FAKE LAGOS BIG BOY - (FTR Ep. 3).☆

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On this episode of my 'Flo Talks Real Series' I'm talking about something every girl can learn from in Lagos, I give you tips on How to spot a fake Lagos big boy.
Watch and enjoy below!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

☆SOTW: Onosz - Last Love .☆

Can someone tell me how you pronounce this guys name! I have literally been listening to this song all week and even when I'm on air (Soundcity 98.5FM) I'm like "I don't even know if I'm saying his name right' there's a 'z' at the end so it just gets me confused.

Anyways to the point! My song of the week is Onosz - Last Love.

I friggin love this song, it has like a Caribbean calypso sorta vibe and I've been jamming it all week! Hope you guys like it.

Listen to it below and thank me later!

☆.My Lagos Finds: Pure Aesthetics Salon & Spa - Salon Review.☆

I call this place a hidden gem in the heart of Lekki, it's located on 'Fola Osibo' road right beside Gravitas Supermarket, if you're familiar with this road it is just where the ATM machine is hehe.

So now to the review, my day starts on a late Sunday afternoon, wasn't feeling too good but realised I really, REALLY needed to get my hair washed, steamed and braided down for my wigs (y'all know about the wig life). Being as it was a Sunday I didn't expect many salons to be open so I was on a search for somewhere to get my hair done at an affordable price.

I took my normal route via Fola Osibo and saw a banner outside some gate, I must admit it did look quite dodgy but hey it claimed to be a salon. So I stumble inside and see a cute little Salon at the back of a furniture store.

I was met by a lovely guy called Godwin who attended to me very well.

18A Emma Abimbola Street off Fola Osibo, beside Gravista Supermaket Lekki Phase 1
+2340905 667 2104 Lagos


He first of all gave me a wash and then a treatment, I took my own treatment product which was the 'ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment' so he applied this into my hair.

More pictures below.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

☆.Recipe: Easy 5 Minute Breadcrumbs!!.☆

My move to Nigeria has forced me to become more innovative and creative - finding solutions to some issues I face trying to create a lot of my own dishes.

Why you may ask? Well not because my country doesn't have these things at hand, it's just either it's soooo hard to find or mad expensive especially now with the rise in the Dollar - That's the excuse for everything nowadays.

Anyways I really needed breadcrumbs for a recipe and it was either the breadcrumbs I found were no less than N2,000 or they just weren't right. So with a bit of research and some tweaking, here is my easy 5 minute breadcrumb recipe, and the best thing about this is all you need is some bread, a toaster and a blender!

Peep the full recipe below:
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