Friday, 1 July 2011

☆.So I finally dyed My Hair.☆

I have been tryna dye my hair for some time now and finally it worked!! My new hair colour is gingery red woop woop!

 How i achieved this colour...
 L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Mahogany.

 I purchased the product from my local tesco for £6.99.
What happened was i first of all used this product and as usual no change to the colour of my hair, i was SOOOOOO annoyed and I went out and bought Dark and Lovely hair dye and dyed it the same day....WARNING THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR!!! I only did this because i was prepared to risk it as it did not contain ammonia, but i would advise waiting approximately 3 weeks before dyeing again.

Dark and Lovely permanent hair colour in Honey Blonde.

I purchased this from my local black hair shop for £3.99. The product worked fast and the product was great.

In the future I will NEVER use the casting creme gloss for my hair, I think for my hair type it is better i use a product better suited for it.  My next dye will be around the end of September.


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