Monday, 6 February 2012

☆.OOTN: Ankara Styles.☆

Like I told you I would be uploading more ankara styles, so here are some pics from my mums 50th birthday which was held last year. The pictures are some of the styles my friends decided to make with the tailor, hope you like it :)

This is a simple dress with a pink band sewn onto the dress.

A flap wing style high waisted skirt in which my friend paired with a chiffon style white top.

flared one armed simple dress.

A puff style diamond neck cut dress, with halfway flares attached at the waist.

The first 3 styles were thought up by me, and if you are looking for more inspiration for ankara ideas why not check out my tumblr:

Anyways until next time...Peace & God bless


  1. You've got pretty friends..
    Oh yeah.. and the dresses are nice too.


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