Friday, 10 February 2012

☆.Song of the week: Airis Olowo Ori Mi.☆

Now I'm pretty sure most of you know how much I looooveee my music, so I decided to post my song/music videos of the week just letting you guys know what songs i'm really feeling. They may not necessarily be new songs but just songs I can't get out of my head or I'm really feeling. Btw I have weird taste at times but anyways enjoy.

Starting this off is a song by Airis titled Olowo Ori Mi (My Lover), it is a Nigerian love song with a blend of different instruments! The meaning of the song is 'the owner of the money on my head' in simplest terms which is used by a wife to respectably reference her husband or a prospective husband.
To me this song is just too cute, or maybe I just love yoruba love songs too much who knows! Anyways enjoy!

Peace & God bless

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