Tuesday, 7 August 2012

☆.Africa Fashion Week Outing.☆

So I attended Africa Fashion week this weekend and it was certainly an experience (lol). It was at Old Spitafields Market, with many stalls on the day there was plenty to look at before the fashion show actually began.

JodiB's stall had some fun and bright clutch bags which really caught my eye.

Dionne Gooding's store also had various styles of shoes and clutch bags. What I really liked about her items where that some where also covered in flags.

I am a sucker for anything jewellery and african print so this store definitely caught my eye!(Afrocessories)

And finally DGDivine who customise shoes also had their stall, I found the company website where you can also purchase ready made items and I must say they are H O T!

So of course I couldn't look around all the stalls without purchasing something, I came across one particular bag buy O'Eclat designs and it was LOVE and first sight! It was £35 but trust me I managed to get it down to £30 hehe...And I must say the packaging was done extremely well (I'm a saddo who pays attention to things like that).

Now on to the fashion show (sorry about the out of focus pics still getting used to my new camera ;))






I also spotted some HAWT outfits on other attendee's that I just had to get a picture of below:

And finally some pics of me and my friend that I went with. Don't mind my awkward looking face :D

 I also ran into my YouTube buddy and namesake Fola..I was sooo excited to finally meet her in real life!

Anyways guys this has been a LENGTHY post hope you enjoyed the pictures and be sure to check out some of the websites,

Until next time guys...Peace & God bless

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  1. Really nice prints, seems like you had a nice time also.


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